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     Mannamusic LLC
       Gospel Music Recording Artist
        Prophet Noel

Born Felton White in Chicago, Illinois, Prophet Noel grew up on the southwest side in Le Claire Courts and began to cultivate his musical gift at the early age of seven. He would tap out rhythms on empty oatmeal boxes while listening to R&B hits on his portable radio. This was very significant because it was through careful listening that he taught himself how to compose and arrange music.

   His musically gifted mother Eugenia, who played piano for the local church was instrumental as well as inspirational in his musical and spiritual development as a child. She would take him, his older brother Sylvester and younger sister Anita to the Old Regal Theatre every weekend to see top Motown and Chicago Record Row entertainers perform. This is where he was inspired to pursue a career in music.

   As a teenager he would fulfill his dream of performing on that same stage with his band the night Stevie Wonder was the headliner. After appearing on a CBS Christmas special and performing at local high schools and TV programs the band parted company and went their separate ways.  However, Prophet Noel was hard at work developing his craft.

   During this same time his mother placed in him the love and teachings of Jesus Christ, which is the very fiber of the music minister we now know today as Prophet Noel. He records on his own label Mannamusic LLC and publishes through his company Prophetic Note. (ASCAP) A member since 2001. He studied music composition and sound recording engineering at Columbia College Chicago.

   Prophet Noel sings, writes, composes, produces, arranges, records, and performs all of his own music. As a Christian artist himself, he feels that his life experiences has prepared him to carry out the mission and vision God has placed in him.


Alumni Member
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